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Even though they are still uncertain of the impact blockchain will have on their businesses, 60% of CIOs in the Gartner 2019 CIO Agenda Survey said that they expected some level of adoption of blockchain technologies in the next three years," David Furlonger, a Gartner distinguished research vice president, said in a statement. "However, the existing digital infrastructure of organizations and the lack of clear blockchain governance are limiting CIOs from getting full value with blockchain."

 60% of CIOs expect some level of adoption of blockchain technologies in the next three years, according to Gartner's Servey.  The issues to growth are  the existing digital infrastructure of organizations and the lack of clear blockchain governance are limiting CIOs from getting full value with blockchain."

In particular, Gartner recommends that CIOs:
■ Continue to educate executives and senior leaders about the blockchain opportunities and challenges most critical for business.
■ Build thought leadership within IT and fight unwarranted vendor hype.
■ Expect different industry domains (upstream, midstream, downstream and marketing) and functional areas (such as commodity trading, international cash management, field supply chains and data integrity) to adopt blockchain on different timelines.
■ Continue to develop proofs of concept internally as well as part of market consortiums.
■ Expect complicated challenges as early solutions will likely be a mix of significant
process redesign, agile solution development, multiple cloud integrations and a large number of integration points with legacy systems.



FOR FAMILY OFFICES: due diligence, quantitative and qualitative, benchmark analysis, specific industry expert valuation. Tokenomics simulator for the specific project. 


BUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENT​​​ We analyze business process, identify business requirements and required parties to be involved. We suggest the best business model  to enhance trustworthy performance based upon decentralized technologies .an help


BLOCKCHAIN STRATEGY  blockchain roadmap that will work for your business. Marketing strategy. Investor road-show planning. Introduction to trustworthy partners (Storage, Financing, Legal experts, Auditors)





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