Portfolio tracking apps

Here is the observation of features of portfolio tracking apps. The options available from different apps fit different types of investors.

The basic features.

  1. Manage Portfolios (to create or choose from proposed)

  2. Organize Watchlists

  3. View Stock Charts with technical indicators (built-it)

  4. Excel (CVS) importing or manually entering investments

  5. Research

  6. News

Type of assets to follow

  • (U.S. and International) V

  • Bonds (U.S. and International) V

  • ETFs V

  • Mutual Funds

  • Options

  • Futures

  • Futures options

  • Cryptocurrency V

Features for Asset Managers

  • ETFs/Mutual Funds tracking

  • Mutual funds (with broker assistance)

  • Bonds (with broker assistance)

  • Futures options

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Portfolio analysis report

  • Investment tracking of all stocks, bonds, and cash, showing price, percentage change, share information, market value, asset allocation percent.