The breakdown blockchain powered startups by industries and countries.

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Breakdown startups by countries. Data source: startuprating
Breakdown startups by countries. Data source: startuprating

According to startupranking , currently 22 biggest countries by number of all startups worldwide 89,347 are: the U.S. ( 52 %), India (7.10%), the U.K. (5.5%).

The Blockchain powered solution is still a small fraction of it, accounted for 2 %. But this comparable static clearly demonstrate which nations are ahead in converting the economy in a new technology cycle.

Out of more than 1700 blockchain startups 1.5% account for #Healthcare , 1% for #Energy and 1% for #SupplyChain. There are a plenty of work to be done. Most of the projects are in decentralised infrastructure, computing and verification, payment, trading and investment.

As per country activity breakdown, more than 16% are initiated by Russian entrepreneurs, 14% by U.S. Both Switzerland and Singapore are accounted for 8%,and 3.7% and 3.3% by Canada and Germany accordingly, and 2.1 % by France.

Blockchain startups breakdown by industries

Blockchain startup breakdown by countries. Source: Outlierventures